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Are you experiencing a great amount of growth for your business right now? How is your website holding up against the traffic? Is your website still up?

Seek Answers Over Blame

Growing pains can be irritating. The pain and discomfort clouds judgment, influencing poor decisions to be made. This is especially true in the world of IT management. Leverage my experiences of expanding the cloud platforms of clients to gain clarity. Focus on what you do best, choose the best weapon for all else.

$ 35/hr

Application Engineering

- Server Side development ( Python 2/3, Java, Go, Ruby, NodeJS, Ballerina, Lua) 
- Software package / module / library development
- Quality Assurance Automation
- Penetration / Vulnerability Testing

$ 65/hr

Systems Engineering

- Operating System management
- Database administration(SQL and NoSQL)
- Software Engineering (Middleware configuration and deployment)
- Task Automation
- Continuous Integration / Delivery Pipeline creation
- DevSecOps implementation

$ 90/hr

Site Reliability Engineering

- Cloud Platform Management
- Service Orchestration( Kubernetes, Istio )
- Systems Monitoring
- Log Management / Anaylsis
- Serverless Microservice Development
- End to End design, development, and deployment of Cloud Native solutions

My Process

The general approach I take to defining, drafting, and delivering solutions



From the first contact, I recursively raise questions and contribute perspective, defining a specific "win" to acheive


Project Development

Given the specification produced, I familiarize myself with counterparts, integrating my workflow into theirs. This requires a healthy, consistent rapport with my counterparts



Upon reaching any relevant milestone, deployments will be managed, as per existing practices, or per new implementation of DevOps


If the above didn't answer your questions, let me know below!

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